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Welcome to Healthy Shampoos dot Com.

With this one page Internet billboard we are pleased to network you with information and the distribution channelssupply source to buy the AFM Safechoice Shampoos and other healthy building products which are available throughout the USA (as well as Canada, Mexico and around the world).

Three great least toxic building products
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Carpet Shampooing
AFM Safechoice Carpet Shampoo
Carpet Sealing
AFM Safechoice Carpet Seal
Carpet Lockout
AFM Safechoice Lockout


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AFM SafeChoice Shampoo And Body Wash: 1 US gallon.

Need someone to talk with about your MSC and or EHS challenges?

Call Mark's Toll Free Hotline

1 888 NO VOC 4 U (1.888.668.6248)


WEB CONSULTANT ON CALL loves AFM Safecoat so much so that we built this website for them - we built it for you too so that you would have access to buying their fabulous least toxic products. Made in America / Made in the USA

In this world of "green-washing" we need to be able to view MSDS information: Especially when it comes to dealing with a specific chemical sensitivity or with chemical sensitivities, we want to be able to identify - specifically - ALL the ingredients contained within the coatings.  One reason - perhaps the foremost reason - the reason why we choose to promote AFM Safecoat and Safechoice products is because they in fact understand this importance and show this information in the MSDS info. It's so sad to see manufacturers presenting MSDS info with little or no value in terms of MSC informtion (be very specific: e.g. 2% Proprietary Additives tells me nothing - even .01% may set off my chemical reactions).  When we encourage transparency we mean full transparency - study the AFM Safecoat and AFM Safechoice MSDS and you will see what we mean. Let's face it, if you don't want to reveal the info then you must be trying to cover up something.

New and exciting things are always about to happen here at Healthy Shampoos dot Com.

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